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Local 2428 Officers List
Updated On: Aug 09, 2020
Your previous Local 2428 Leadership Team.
L to R: Nellie Cazares, Aaron Roth, Eric Holmes, Chris Newey, Alisa Kim, Lance Sayne, Domonique Williams, Meadow D'Arcy, Travis Vincent.

Chris Newey (Term: 2020-2022) President

Ross Mitchell (Term: 2020-2022) Vice President

Meadow D'Arcy (Term: 2020-2022) Chief Steward

Aaron Roth (Term: 2019-2021) Treasurer

Domonique Williams (Term: 2020-2022) Recording Secretary

Nellie Cazares (Term: 2019-2021)Membership Secretary

Matthew James (Term: 2019-2021) Sergeant-at-Arms

Danny Valdez (Term: 2020-2021) E-Board at Large

Gisselle Hernandez (Term: 2020-2021) E-Board at Large

Precious Shelton (Term: 2020-2021) E-Board at Large

Eric Holmes (Term: 2020-2021) E-Board at Large

VACANT Trustee

Erdem Durgunoglu Trustee

Gail Broesder Trustee

Eric Holmes Council 57 Delegate

Sergio Huerta Council 57 Delegate

Erwin Lynch Council 57 Delegate

Matthew James Council 57 Delegate

Eri Suzuki Council 57 Delegate

Kym Anderson Business Agent

More Information:
Officer Listing - August 7, 2020
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